Walk-in Patients

We see walk-in patients daily to do sexually transmitted disease testing,
pregnancy tests, blood sugars, refill medication packs, irrigate a doctor’s
order for a nominal fee. TB Testing can usually be accomplished
everyday but Thursday’s, but call the Health Unit to check if that is
available. Come to Audrain City-County Health Unit between 8a.m. and
3:30 p.m. or call us at 573-581-1332

We also print Missouri birth and death certificates for a nominal fee.
Pregnancy tests – $15
If you have gone to another medical facility and have proof of a positive
date) and education – $10
STD testing from $15 to $75 depending on the tests you desire
Pre-filling syringes or medicine boxes – $15
Dressing changes (does not include supplies) – $15
TB Skin Tests One Step (unless it is a TB disease follow-up) $15
TB Skin Test Two Step – $25
Head Checks for Lice – $15
Blood Sugars – $15
Port-A-Cath Flushes – $30
PT/INRatio HemoSense Fingerstick – $25
Diabetic Teaching (30 min. session or less) – $20
Fees are waived if you have either MO HealthNet or MC+. Please
present a current MO HealthNet or MC+ Card and Photo ID at the time
of service.

If these fees are a barrier to care, please ask the receptionist to assist
you with a means test.