My Mother

My elderly mother resides in Palm Harbor, Florida and has been living alone and managing on her own quite well for a few years. In fact, she is so hellbent to be independent that she tackles house cleaning and yard work in much the same way she did as a much younger woman. In spite of arthritis and multiple aches and pains, she remains a proud individual and never asks for help even in moments when she needs to be more aware of the risks she may be taking. My brother and I live hundreds of miles away from her and have full time jobs so, unfortunately, we can’t be there for her as often as we would like but she does have neighbors who keep an eye out for her (they do it with discretion so as not to hurt that Irish pride.) One, in particular, communicates with me on a regular basis just so I know what Mom is up to. I received a call the other day about Mom cleaning…apparently heavy duty clean up. She was seen pushing and pulling some heavy duty furniture from the house to the curb and it was obvious to the neighbor watching her that the activity was a bit too much because she kept stopping and holding her back. This concerned neighbor and friend went to Mom and suggested that she call a professional for help but met with the resistance and stubbornness that my mother is noted for. 

When the neighbor couldn’t get anywhere, she went back home but about ten minutes later, Mom looked up and there was a truck passing by that just so happened to have the words Dumpster Rentals Palm Harbor on the side panel. A friendly fellow jumped from the driver’s side and another guy exited from the passenger side and together they persuaded my Mom to allow them to take over the moving and removal of the articles she was dragging to the curbside. These two humanitarians led Mom to believe that it was a city service for free.


To this day she doesn’t know that her neighbor is the one that contacted the company and actually paid them to do the work. This good Samaritan not only helped a friend in need but by not telling Mother that it was paid for, she saved a sweet old lady’s pride.


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