My Grandchildren

If you have now or have ever had children then it would be no surprise to you when they say the “darndest things” (in fact there have been old television shows that aired under that name. The idea was to ask questions of youngsters from different age categories and see what their kid minds conjured up.) In their innocence, children usually say just what’s on their mind; no filters! They also often misunderstand the pronunciation of words that they hear. Another avenue of confusion is spelling. When in the primary grades, kids learn to spell tons of words. Misreading is often a source of laughter when a child gets it all wrong! Of course, we don’t want to hurt the kids self esteem, so we grown ups try hard to hold back the laughs in front of them but sometimes it’s just too cute and funny to overlook. For instance, I recall a time when my own son ordered cloud ice cream in a restaurant, causing all of us diners to scratch our heads as to what he was asking for. Turned out he was referring to rainbow sherbert. That’s just a sweet little memory that our family has held onto for many years. While I was visiting a neighbor recently, his grandson was working on his first grade reading skills and spotted a truck when he looked out of the living room window. Coincidentally, this was during the period of time when the boy was testing his palate and discovered what his favorite soup is. He ran from the 

highest profit flash loans window to where his grandpa and I were sitting and talking. I thought he was going to burst with excitement as he declared loud and clear “Grandpa, that truck down the street has my favorite soup!” A little confused, we adults ventured out to view the truck. The lad said, “see, it says dumpling rentals!” (explanation: his favorite soup is chicken and dumpling)

The disappointment on this little guy’s face was so sad to look at as we gently explained to him that the writing actually saidDumpster Rentals St Pete” When he grows up, he will have a great story to tell his own grandkids!

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