Home Furnisher

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have nice homes and furnishings sometimes forget that there are many people that don’t have that type of comfort in their lives. Recently my family was in the midst of a household clean out to make room for new furniture and carpeting. We were also in the process of a yard makeover so had to get rid of a lot of bushes, a couple of mid size trees and a broken down rusty spa. In our haste to get things done , we were prepared to call junk removal Hollywood to get rid of our old sofa, kitchen table, chairs and a couple of lamps along with the yard stuff when out of the blue a neighbor from down the street came to us and told us about a family right in our own community that were struggling financially. Both parents had lost their jobs and they have four children under the age of 12. It seems they were so desperate to put food on the table that they sold some of their furniture. It was then that I realized our old stuff could better befit that family than our original plan. 

I got the phone number of those folks and called them with a gentle offer of giving them our furniture. I say gentle because I didn’t want to insult or embarrass them. Well, they were overwhelmed at the thought and graciously accepted.  

How often do we take things for granted in our lives? I would imagine it’s more than we realize. We go about our daily routines with nary a thought to the homeless people that struggle each and every day to find shelter and food. What about families like those that we helped out? I, for one, have been enlightened and intend to be a little more grateful for my blessings and I will also try to be more mindful of others’ needs.